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Rhodes Taxi Tours - Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some questions before booking your Rhodes Private Tour or Airport Transfer

1. Can we adjust some of your "Rhodes Private Tour suggestions"? Can we make an extra stop on our way?

You have the ability to change the order of the sites, to remove or add attractions provided that it does not exceed the time duration and distances that you have already booked. We are flexible to any change that you may wish during your private tour, our aim is your complete satisfaction.

2. How do we meet the driver at the airport / port?

Your driver will wait for you at the arriving gate of your airplane upon arriving or in front of your cruise ship with a sign and your name clearly written on it.

3. At what time can we start our private tour?

Whenever you want. It is better to start your tour early in the morning so we will avoid the traffic and the big tour groups. The sites are opened from 08:00 a.m. so the best time to start your private tour is at 08:30 a.m. but we can adjust it according to your needs. Don't forget that you are on a holiday and no rush is needed. Relax and enjoy!

4. Do we pay the driver or transfer the money to you before?

We dont need advance deposit, or down payment to book your private tour or airport transfer. We don't need your credit card number. You will pay by cash at the end of your transfer / private tour. If your plane or your cruise ship for some reasons should change itinerary, we loose the job, but you dont loose money!!! if you book something online and then you change your mind, you can cancel within 48 hours notice.

5. Should I tip the driver?

Extending a gratuity to your driver is strictly optional.

6. Is there a minimum number of passengers ?

The tour is sufficient even with one person and all the tours are private for the person who booked the service.

7. Do I get any confirmation of my reservation?

Yes, You do. We will send you an e-mail with your booking details, so you will have a justification of your reservation.

8. In case my plane has a delay should I pay more? Would I find my taxi upon arriving?

Even if your flight is delayed, you will incur NO charges. We constantly monitor the timetable of the airport arrivals and we are being aware of any changes. Your taxi will certainly wait for you!

9. Can I smoke during my airport transfer/ private tour?

Smoking is prohibited by EU law and our company policy for many reasons, mainly safety. If you wish to smoke, we can always make a couple of short stops.

10. If we have many and/or bulky luggage(large suitcases, baby strollers, accessories for disabled, etc.)

It is essential that you inform us when booking so we can provide a vehicle with the biggest possible luggage space. If even that vehicle can't accommodate all the luggage, you might need to use a second taxi that we can arrange immediately at your expense.

11. Can you confirm that we will be the only persons in the car ?

This is for certain - the car will be reserved for you and only you! Nobody else with you!

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