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Rhodes Old Town

The Old Town in Rhodes is the oldest inhabitted medieval town in Europe and more than 6.000 people are still living inside. The Medieval Town of Rhodes is inscribed in the World Heritage Sites List of the Convention for the Protection of World Heritage of the UNESCO. This list recognizes the exceptional value of a cultural site so that it may be protected for the benefit of all Humanity.

The walls of the Old Town are in very good condition and they are more than 4 km long. There is a moat outside the Old Town used for a better protection. The Medieval City has seven Gates. The St Catherine's Gate (or Marine Gate) was the main gate of the town. The D'Amboise Gate the most impressive Gate, The St Anthony's Gate, The St John's Gate, The Apostle Paul Gate, The St Athanasius Gate and the Port or Mills Gate.

The Medieval Town includes such important monuments as the Grand Master’s Palace, which houses the Byzantine collection of the island, the hospital of the Knights of the 14th century (Symi Square), the hospital of the Knights of the 15th century (Alexander Square) which serves as the National Archaeological Museum, The Knights Street which accommodates the different “languages” of the Knights is the most well-preserved street in Europe, the Municipal Gallery of the Simi Square, the early Christian Baptistery in Argyrocastro Square, the old armory of the Knights which now houses the Folk Art and Folk Art museum, the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite, the Suleiman Mosque, and the Palace of Catellano which now houses the Municipal Library.

As well as the historical interests that draw many visitors, the Medieval City also hosts a wide variety of hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

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