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One should not leave the island without experiencing a variation of authentic traditional products available. Local products of particular interest are: hand-made jewelries, ceramics, leather goods, wines, olive oil and honey. We would like to have the opportunity to help you find the best souveniers to bring back home. Just let us know your prefferences and we will try to arrange a visit to some of the main fabrics and competitive shops on the island.

Pottery & Ceramics
Rhodes has a long history of pottery going back many centuries at least to the time of the ancient cities. Replicas of designs produced in those times are still been manufactured today together with new modern designs in a younger generation. Vivid colours, especially blue, feature strongly as do certain motifs which are uniquely Rodian, the pomegranate flower and the stylized deer.

The island has many ceramic factories selling directly to the public hand painted pottery, typically vases, plates and ash trays.

On Rhodes there are plenty of jewellery shops. Jewellery always seems to be a hot item for tourists visiting Greece. Rhodes has great gold and silver jewellery and the standard of workmanship is extremely high. The goldsmiths of Rhodes are as particularly well known as their creations of silver, gold and precious stones. Silver lace, designs with Byzantine influences, and gold work is very popular here. Many items have distinctive patterns with deer and crusader insignia, and you’ll also see pieces with a funky modern twist. Greece has at least 3000 years of manufacturing unique and skillful handicraft gold jewellery. If you look around it's nearly impossible not to find a piece you'd like to own.

Leather goods
The Rhodes market is extremely rich when it comes to clothes, top leather goods and furs . In numerous shops you can order the items of your choice, made of your favorite leather or fur, in modern designs. Do check out the fur and leather shops also for ready made clothes The dozens of fancy shops and boutiques insure that all your wishes and dreams will be satisfied.

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Shopping Tour Duration: Depending on your demands

Rhodes Pottery and Ceramics

Rhodes Silver and Gold

Rhodes Furs and Leathers

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