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If you are looking for a unique experience and upscale services, Rhodes Taxi Tours can offer you a memorable time with one of our Rhodes private tours which are result of many years of experience. Choosing a Rhodes private tour is an excellent way to truly see the places you want to visit at your own pace, in a more private and comfortable way. Our itineraries are flexible and fully customizable to serve your needs and ensure your satisfaction and convenience at all times.You can see most of Rhodes in a day that other will not manage through their whole visit.
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Join us for a private wine tour of the Rhodes’ countryside together with visiting 3 traditional wineries for wine and souma tasting.

Winery in Rodos follows a tradition of 2,400 years! In order to eliminate poorer quality grapes, Rodians destroyed vineyards on the Lindos - East Coast side, where the climate is too hot and dry and now all the growing is concentrated on the western side, around the village of Embonas. Here many small vineyards are located in specific cooler microclimates where granite stones in the soil helps by increasing humidity which in turn improves the flavor.

Embona village is located on the slopes of Mt. Ataviros (Rhodes’s highest peak at 3,986 feet) is where you’ll find Rhodes’s wine country. Embonas is considered to be the wine capital of Rhodes. The area specializes in two wines. Athiri is a vibrant and fruity white wine that has tropical fruit and honey tones. It pairs well with poultry, pork, pasta, grilled fish, and white cheeses. Mandilaria is a rich and intense red wine that has hints of pomegranate and pairs well with grilled and stewed meats, spicy sauces, and mild cheeses. Other popular reds in the area include Xinomavro, Cabernet, Grenache, and Syrah. “Athiri”, a very old local variety of white grape, is grown in vineyards on lower slopes below Embonas while mountain regions produce a better quality of red grape.

Our driver will promptly meet you at your starting point and our first stop will be the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe -the Old Town of Rhodes. We will have a stop at the main monuments inside - the Grand Master Palace, the Knight Street and the Clock Tower. Please notify that we have to begin earlier than 8.45AM as no cars are allowed to enter the old town after 9.00AM.

After that we will drive to the Mandraki port in the new part of the town where you will see some very impressive monumental buildings built by the Italians. Here at the harbour entrance is believed that once stood the great statue of the Colossus of Rhodes - one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World.

The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the most ambitious and tallest statue(31 meters high) of the Hellenistic period. The statue was a depiction of the Greek Titan Helios and was meant to celebrate the victory over the Dimitrios the Besieger (ruler of Cyprus) in 305 BC. Bearing a striking resemblance to the Statue of Liberty in the United States, the Colossus of Rhodes stood for no more than 56 years when a strong earthquake destroyed it. In the seventh century A.D., the Arabs conquered Rhodes and broke the remains of the Colossus up into smaller pieces and sold it as scrap metal. Legend says it took 900 camels to carry away the pieces. A sad end for what must have been a majestic work of art.

From here we will drive to the Monthe Smith Hill where you can enjoy exceptional panoramic views of the city and the seashore, and also visit the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the impressive open-air ancient Stadium and the Amphitheatre.

We will continue our drive among the West Coast of the island and our first stop will be at the Butterfly Valley. The valley is a natural reserve, unique of its kind. You can enjoy a peaceful and refreshing walk and admire the nature and the butterflies. Your driver will wait for you at the other side of the park.

Leaving behind the Butterfly valley our next stop is the picturesque and lively village of Embona. Embona is a mountainous village in Attavyros Mountain, it is the centre of the local wine industry on Rhodes. Embonas may not have any picturesque architectural features; however, it is one of the most popular suggestions for a trip inland in Rhodes that combines folklore, a lively atmosphere and good food.

Here we will stop at least at three different winery producers where you will be able to taste a big variety of fresh wines. At each stop you will be given a small portions of appetizers to complement you taste of the wine. You will be able to taste also some olives, cheese and home baked bread from the region.

The wine tasting is absolutely free and you aren't obliged to purchase anything. Of course a bottle of wine will be a wonderful souvenir from Rhodes, or maybe a bottle of original olive oil with no conservantes, or just a small bag of mountin herbs for your tea in the winter. All products are fully natural and with origin from this gorgeous mountin village.

At the end we will return you back to your starting point or we can leave you at any other pont of intereset.

Dressing code: Be sure to put some light clothes as the temperatures in Greece during the summer are extremely high. Again during the spring and the autumn it will be smart to have with you a jacket. Comfortable shoes are also required as there will be some walking during your tour but not always an asphalt. Helpful extras will be a pair of sunglasses, some sun protection and of course a camera to catch your unforgettable journey!

Tour Availability: From June till the end of September

Tour Extension: You can extend your tour and spend an extra hour at a traditional Greek tavern to taste some local food and excellent wines from the region. Our drivers are very flexible to any change that you might want even during the tour itself.

Rhodes Countryside & Wine Tasting Tour Duration: 6 hours
Rhodes Countryside & Wine Tasting Tour + Lunch Time Duration: 7 hours

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