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Saganaki cheese recipe

For all the cheese lovers!

A simple and beloved traditional Greek Saganaki recipe, made with only two ingredients and ready in less than 10 minutes! When preparing a Greek cheese saganaki recipe, the cheese is first dredged into flour and then pan-seared at high temperature, until bubbling, forming a nice golden crust and almost melty inside.. Simply delicious!

‘Saganaki‘ refers to various Greek appetizers, which are prepared in a small, two handled heavy bottomed frying pan, itself called a saganaki or sagani. The most common traditional Greek recipes cooked in that kind of pan include mussels saganaki and shrimp saganaki, with the most popular being this simple and delicious fried cheese appetizer (cheese saganaki recipe).

Which is the right kind of cheese to prepare a Saganaki recipe?

When preparing a Greek saganaki recipe, the key is to pick the right kind of cheese. It has to be firm to hold-up well against the heat. The cheese which is traditionally used in Greek saganaki recipe and are the best options to prepare a cheese saganaki are the Greek cheeses graviera, kefalograviera, kefalotyri, which are hard yellow cheeses, while regional variations may use Cypriot halloumi or mastello from Chios island. Enjoy this delicious traditional Greek meze with a last minute squeeze of a lemon and some crusted bread aside.


110-120g cheese (Graviera) (4 ounces)
Alternatively you can use kefalograviera, kasseri, kefalotyri or as a worst case Pecorino Sardo
50g flour, for dredging (1-2 ounces)
oil for frying
1/2 lemon


1.To prepare this saganaki recipe, slice a large block of cheese (or some smaller if you prefer), approx. 10*7cm and 1,5 cm thick. If you cut the cheese thinner, the saganaki will melt into the pan.

2.Place the cheese under running water and then dredge into the flour, shaking of the excess flour. This will help the saganaki form a nice golden crust and to hold its shape when fried.

3.Into a small heavy-bottomed pan add some oil. As soon as the oil heats, add the cheese and fry for a few minutes on both sides, flipping the saganaki carefully with a spatula, until nicely colored.

4.Prepare this delicious Greek cheese saganaki recipe and serve, while still smoking hot as a delicious meze with a last minute squeeze of a lemon. Enjoy!

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